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Because you can watch 30 seconds of anything . . .

30 Seconds of Snorkelling in Cozumel

30 dreamy seconds of snorkelling in Cozumel at Chankanaab Park.

30 Seconds at East Sooke Park

30 Seconds at East Sooke Park on Vancouver Island.

30 Seconds on Mount Benson

Mount Benson is the backdrop to Nanaimo. Standing 1,023 metres tall, the hike to the summit takes approximately four hours to complete.

30 Seconds on Mount Baldy - A Bit Salty

The top of Mount Baldy, or Old Baldy Mountain, in Shawnigan Lake has some incredible vistas. It also has a very popular swing, that is hard to get straight.

30 Seconds at Bald Mountain

Located in Lake Cowichan, Bald Mountain sits on its own peninsula. According to the trail website, the hike is at least 7.4kms, and we can corroborate that.

30 Seconds at Christie Falls

Christie Falls is located just outside of Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. It's an easy hike to some good lookin' falls.

30 Seconds of Road Tripping from Calgary in the Poor Man’s Ferrari

In August, Daniel and I picked up a 1984 Toyota Celica Supra and drove it back to the coast through the scenic routes.  This is what that looked like in 30 seconds.

30 Seconds at Tent Island

Don't let this Tuscan music fool you. Tent Island is a boater's paradise off the coast of Chemainus. It belongs to the Penelakut First Nation and has some of the warmest waters in the Gulf Islands. Unfortunately, it collects a lot of trash from jerk boaters. Not featured in this video is the garbage we collect at the end of every trip. This beautiful island deserves to remain pristine, if you're going to visit help keep it clean.

30 Seconds at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

The Island Motorsport Circuit offers a world-class driving experience. They did not let me drive (they are smart people) but they did swing me around their track at what felt like 1,000kph (more likely 150). I did not puke on myself at all.

30 Seconds of Toronto

In October I walked around Toronto for four days by myself and hit some major tourist traps.  


30 Seconds of Campfire

30 Seconds of good old campfire cookin'.


30 Seconds of Fishing At Timberland Lake

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Catching heats but not fish. 30 peaceful seconds of fishing at Timberland Lake.


30 Seconds on Maple Bay Beach

Shot in March, this is 30 seconds of the rugged West Coast shoreline where I live.

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