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  • Meg Cuthbert

Where Have You Been All Summer?

The difference between this summer and any other time of the year is that we worked basically exclusively in the Cowichan Valley / South Vancouver Island. Which means that for the first time since we moved here it feels like we have an actual business community in our home base. To be clear, the community has always existed we just weren't a part of it. But now we are! Kind of. Getting there.

One of the best parts of working freelance is getting the insider stories of your clients. We get to learn the core of why businesses run the way they do and what they want for their community. This also plays into why I love working for tourism. We contract work for Tourism Cowichan, which means it is our job to promote our home. Promoting Cowichan is easy, but as an outsider I take nothing here for granted because it is all new and shiny to me. Sometimes our work as videographers can seem like we are living through other people. But I can gaurnetee we have just as much fun filming people having picnics, driving fancy cars and living in cardboard huts as they have doing the same activities while being filmed.

This summer we shot all over southern Vancouver Island, from Victoria to Port Renfrew, and all over Cowichan. I drove as Daniel hung himself (and a stabilizer) our of the back of the 4Runner, we chilled inside cardboard huts on top of Browns Mountain near Port Renfrew, we drove a fancy car over the Malahat and whale watched in Cowichan Bay. It was a great summer, and not all of our projects are launched yet but I'd like to share a few of them with you.

This summer we really got to know our community. We stayed local, worked local, ate local and partied local. Here's some of our work.

Tourism Cowichan - Summer Roadtrip

Merridale Little Red Picnic

Fest Huts

Downtown Duncan BIA

Also, we bought a boat!

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