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  • Meg Cuthbert

5 Women Adventure Videos That Are Full of Grit Volume 2

This year, Canada's Christine Sinclair has passed Abby Wambach to become the soccer player with the most international goals in the history of soccer. Sinclair's new record is 185 goals in 290 matches (or games . . . I don't know soccer). This record isn't just for Canada, or just for women, it's for all players everywhere.

Last year for International Women's Day, I created a list of five Women Adventure videos that are full of grit after being inspired by Jasmin Paris'course record on the 431-kilometre Montane Spine Race (she beat the previous record and all the men by 12-hours -- while breastfeeding).

Here's five more videos of adventurous women who are being getting the most out of the outdoors.

1) How National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Cristina Mittermeier Turned Her Passion into a Career

The ingredients that make you successful is just having the courage to answer your true calling. It’s not the easiest path, it’s not the safest path.” - Cristina Mittermeier

Cristina Mittermeier is a renowned explorer, photographer and contributor to National Geographic. Last year I had the opportunity to hear her speak and she is just as inspirational in person as she is on video.

2) Lucy Barnard – I’m Walking the Length of the Earth

“I will walk 30,000 kilometres over five years and fifteen countries. That distance is the equivalent of one sixth of what a person will walk in their lifetime.” – Lucy Barnard

This video isn’t a full profile of Lucy Barnard’s adventures. It is just a teaser to what she’s been up to. You can follow her adventures on Instagram and watch as she walks the length of the world with her dog Wambat.

3) This Land – Faith E. Briggs x Merrell

“I’m a runner, and Adie Thomson she’s a runner, and one of the way we explore places one of the ways we see the world and connect with each other and connect with environment is through running. “ – Faith E. Briggs

Faith E. Briggs never saw herself as a conservationist, but she has become an inspirational force in the United States as an activist for public lands.

4) Endurance Cycling | Laura Scott's Story

“When I found cycling it gave me that sort of active meditation back and that opportunity to sort of forget about whatever is going on in your life and just be present in the space around you and just see spectacular things.” – Laura Scott

Laura Scott is an endurance cyclist. This video goes through how she got into the sport, why she loves it and some of the technical nitty gritty things she goes through in the sport.

5) The Great Trail – Karen Edwards

"All the time if I have something that I’m working on when I go out for a run, by the time I come back I’ve figured it out." - Karen Edwards

Ok, so this one is more about The Great Trail, but I love the simplicity of it. Karen Edwards is able to speak to the trail and to her experience very well in such a quick video.

These are just five of the adventure women videos. I have a playlist here that I collect them all in if you’re looking for more stories and more inspiration.


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